Use efficiency of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium by potato cultivars

Thaísa Fernanda Oliveira, Talita Gabriela Gentil, Junia Maria Clemente, Marcelo Rodrigues dos Reis


Knowledge about nutrients use efficiency in production of tubers in different potato varieties provides important basis to optimize the use of fertilizers in the crop. Thus, this study aimed to determine the productivity and the coefficient of biological utilization (kg of dry matter produced per kg of accumulated nutrient) of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) of thirteen potato cultivars, and compare the extraction and the exportation of N, P and K of Ágata, Asterix and Atlantic cultivars that present low, medium and high content of dry matter, respectively. The treatments consisted of thirteen potato cultivars: Ágata, Atlantic, FL2215, FL2027, FL1867, FL2221, Asterix, BRSIPR Bel, Cupido, Nicolet, Accumulator, Verdi and Taurus. FL2027 cultivar was more productive. The cultivars differs as the coefficient of biological utilization of N, P and K. The Atlantic cultivar extracted and exported more N, P and K than Ágata and Asterix.

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